KTS strives to be a community of believers seeking to glorify Christ in the classroom and in extra-curricular activities.


Students, Faculty and Staff gather weekly for Bible Hour to enhance community life at KTS. This is a time to worship together, to listen to the Word, to pray and to encourage one another in our faith.

Small groups

Some majors host informal gatherings—sometimes on-campus and sometimes in their apartments—with students in the same major and their Director. These groups provide an opportunity for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.

Women’s Conferences

KTS periodically hosts conferences for women students and graduates, and the wives of seminary students. This is for edification, encouragement, and inspiration as they serve alongside and support their husbands in ministry.

Other Gatherings

Various program Directors (e.g., Youth Ministry, Chaplaincy) periodically hosts conferences for all of their graduates as well as some of the students studying in their programs. This helps existing students to become more familiar with real-life ministry opportunities and challenges in local church and work-world settings while also allowing graduates the opportunity to network and fellowship with other alumni.

Trips and Visits to Churches

Students are encouraged to travel together with faculty members to visit churches outside of Kyiv, whether their own or churches without pastors. This is to maintain and strengthen connections with other churches, to provide additional ministry opportunity for students, and to strengthen student-instructor relationships.