Dear brothers and sisters, dear friends! 

Welcome to Kyiv Theological Seminary. God prepares servants here, who are able to lead other believers to growth in Jesus Christ.
Almost thirty years ago God granted freedom to preach the Gospel in our country. As result of this, new churches were founded which lacked ministers and prepared members to serve in various spheres. God raised people and opened opportunities for establishing educational ministry of Kyiv Theological Seminary in order to meet great need in theological education. Since that time, hundreds of brothers and sisters earned their theological degrees, received practical training and now serve in Ukraine and beyond its borders. Thousands of people attended the seminary-hosted classes, workshops and seminars being equipped for effective ministry in local churches as well as their communities. 
The need in trained ministers is still huge. We pray with hope that the Lord called new servants to his work. We cheerfully invite brothers and sisters to study at Kyiv Theological Seminary. In this school, you will study the Scriptures deeply and systematically, but also theology, biblical and pastoral disciplines. You will have access to theological literature and knowledge base, which have been accumulated by the seminary since its inception. Studying in the seminary will enrich your mind, form your heart and shape your character of a servant leader. 
Seminary faculty and staff, – best experts, with theological education and vast ministry experience – they keep studying, staying on top of current theological trends.  
The seminary is a place of mentorship and support for students in ministry, openness, mutual respect, and Christian love. 
We are happy to serve you with theological and educational resources, helping you to build up God’s church, fulfilling the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. 
Sincerely yours,
Ruslan Khmyz 
President of Kyiv Theological Seminary