Kyiv Theological Seminary is located on the left bank of the Dnieper, near the very center of the Darnytsia Region of Kyiv. There are nearby supermarkets and eateries (cafes, pizzerias and restaurants), as well as stops for Ukraine’s excellent public transport system. The beautiful Park of Partisan Glory is only a mere 5-minute walk away; the seminary has a charming and cozy courtyard with benches and surrounding greenery. Immediately outside the gate you will find yourself on a long and green walking avenue. There are plenty of options for talking a walk or run with pleasant surroundings.


Kyiv Theological Seminary has an advanced and contemporary library. The principles of KTS library work are being governed by its goals and practical implementation of specific purposes. The goal of KTS Library is to create a contemporary, well-organized academic and information database. We strive to provide teaching and learning activities along with proper resources to meet the needs of students in Christian ministry and personal spiritual growth.

For successful implementation of this goal the library systematically accomplishes a number of objectives:

  • Acquires and systematizes, using Dewey decimal system, new information resources (books, journals, newspapers), constantly replenishing its reserves.
  • Makes the resources available for students, professors and KTS staff.
  • Provides the readers with efficient help in finding requested information by using an electronic catalogue.

KTS Library book collection estimates 35,000 volumes, including resources in English, Russian and Ukrainian languages. It boasts a large selection of academic resources in the area of Bible study and theology. The library consists of a reference room, a subscription room and two book depository rooms accessible to the public.

The cataloging system was updated to an electronic version in 2014. An online program enables the readers to browse the library inventory using the Internet. One can perform the search without logging into the program. Extended options of the catalogue are open to the students, professors and the seminary staff only. The readers should consult the library to acquire full access to the catalogue.

EAAA Online Library
The students are eligible to acquire access to EAAA Online Library – database and resources for the ministry of Christian education. The student should seek help from a KTS librarian to gain access to the resource. 

Computer Lab

KTS offers an integrated IT environment which provides the students the ability to achieve the goals of their academic requirements. The students are permitted to use the computer lab to write their research papers, send and upload completed assignments and access the Internet. The students may also use their own computers to access the Internet via free Wi-fi provided for all students and guests of the seminary. 


During sessions, students are provided with a dorm room. The rooms are comfortable and house between four and six people at any one time, each room containing its own bathroom. Also during the session students are served three meals a day. The seminary provides continual access to free wi-fi service. There are also places for rest and relaxation, for fellowship and prayer and for physical exercise. In short, KTS has created a wonderful environment for students’ stay and, most importantly, study.