On September 1, 2017, Ruslan Khmyz took office as a newly elected president of Kyiv Theological Seminary.
Ruslan Khmyz is the KTS alumnus from the very first cohort of residential students (1995-2000). He earned the degree of Master of Theological Education. Ruslan served as Dean of Students (2000-2004), Administrative Director (2004-2009), and Executive Director (2009 – 2017) at Kyiv Theological Seminary.


Ruslan has been ministering in his local church all his years of serving at KTS. In 1995, he was a team leader during a mission trip to Russia’s Far East. After returning to Ukraine, he went to study at Kyiv Theological Seminary. At the same time, he participated in Youth Ministry in Ukraine and managed Christian camps for kids and youth. From 1991 until 2000, he was one of the leaders conducting Christian Youth Forums in Ukraine; 2000 – 2004 – he served as youth pastor at Hope Church in Kyiv, ordained as a deacon. Now he is one of ministers in Transformation Church in Kyiv. He also continues his education as a graduate student at the Biblical and Theological Studies program (Talbot School of Theology, Biola University). Spending twenty years on developing theological education in Ukraine, Ruslan will continue his ministry as the seminary president.


Anatoly Prokopchuk is president emeritus of Kyiv Theological Seminary and head of the Board of Trustees. He continues developing ministry of the seminary, impacting theological education in Ukraine and beyond its borders. Anatoly Prokopchuk will be able to expand his teaching and mentoring ministry, serving students and graduates of KTS.

Anatoly graduated from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with master’s degree in radio engineering in 1980. He became an assistant to president of Evangelical Baptist Union of Ukraine Yakov Dukhonchenko in 1989. He went to study at Dallas Theological Seminary (USA) in 1990 where he earned his master’s degree in theology in 1994. Grigori Komendant, next president of the Baptist union, approached Anatoly with vision for future seminary. Anatoly’s family, friends and teachers of Dallas Theological Seminary supported this initiative for a new seminary. With their encouragement and support, Anatoly founded Kyiv Theological Seminary in 1995, becoming its first rector.

Anatoly Prokopchuk is always open to share his knowledge and extensive ministry experience with students of KTS.