Year 2017 marks 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Kyiv Theological Seminary launched educational program “Back to the Sources of Reformation” commemorating this important event in church history.

The program features KTS faculty leading various educational events. Main objective of the program is to equip churches with educational resources.  These resources help believers understand even better the causes of Reformation, teachings of the reformers and impact of the Reformation on education and Biblical interpretation, as well as how protestant movement developed in Ukraine.

KTS has already hosted four events in this R500ua series.

February 6-10 – Church history class on the Reformation period taught by KTS professor Andrew Rist.

February 9 – open lecture the Reformation’s impact on education, Dr. Richard J. Perhai and Vitaliy Maryash.

March 30 – open lecture Impact of the Reformation on biblical interpretation, Dr. Richard J. Perhai and Rostislav Tkachenko.

April 27 – open lecture Paul’s ecclesiology in the works of Martin Luther, Volodymyr Nikolaev.

The program will continue offer events throughout the year. Church ministers, lay members, students and educators are welcomed to attend these open events.